Realtime website counters

The perfect tool to drive engagement, add FOMO, increase your reputation by showing live customer activity around your website.

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Features you will love

Highly scalable

Can handle anywhere from 0 to millions of concurent users.

Simple installation

Installation is as easy as embeding a script tag into your pages.

Push notifications

Push events and have the users see it live as it happens.

Simple editor

Ability to change the design of the widgets from the confort of the dashboard.

Recent activity

Show recent activity when there are not enough users online.

Live dashboard

The dashboard is live, as with everything else.

Easy, simple instalation

Instalation is as simple as copying one line of code into your website templates. Everything else can be configured via the Live Counter dashboard.

We're also offering plugins for serveral platforms such as Wordpress and Shopify.

Works well with everything

Powerful widget editor

You don't feel at home writing CSS and HTML, no worries, you can edit every aspect of the widget from the comfort of the dashboard, once saved, the changes propagate instantly and will appaar on your website in a blink of an eye.

We also include plenty of pre-made themes and styles for your widgets, just pick and choose, save.

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At a glance

A free macOS application that sits right in your statusbar.

Awesome dashboard

A simple dashboard to track your counters everything is live and happening live.

A place where you can view recent visits at a glance